Non-related news and events

eurasia convention wuhan

Event: 20th November 2019, Wuhan


‘Harnessing space infrastructure to enable marketable innovative applications’ was the title of the invited presentation Dr Kass recently delivered at the 5th CCAF – China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum) in Wuhan, China.

Space Assets

Event: 14th February 2019, Amsterdam

Facilitated by the joint effort of this consultancy, F. Moser Consultants, and ESA’s Business Application Kickstart program, AWS will support Startups in Europe with a Startup AI challenge using space technologies.

AI World Summit Amsterdam 2018

Event: 11th October 2018, Amsterdam

The widely renowned annual AI summit was held in Amsterdam 10th-11th October, bringing together some 6000 people from across the world. Co-founder and organizer of the summit, Mike Reiner, requested an interview with Dr Kass at this summit.

Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu National College

Event: 31st October / 1st November 2017, Romania


In connection with the Science Centre project proposed by the Buzau Rotary Club, Dr Kass was invited to deliver a series of inspirational lectures in Buzau Romania. The first lecture was at the renowned Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu National College, while the second was at Bioterra University.

Glen Hospital panorama

Event: 22nd December 2015, Montreal


Dr Kass was invited by the President and Executive Director of McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Mr Normand Rinfret, on a tour of the MUHC’s newest and largest facility, the Glen site, which Mr Rinfret personally conducted. The MUHC is a teaching hospital and one of the largest medical institutions in Canada.

Concordia university logo

Event: 3rd June 2015, Montreal


A public lecture was made by Dr Kass at his alma mater of his first university degree, on his exciting career in human spaceflight. He was invited on the occasion of the Concordia Univesity’s Summer Research Institute, whose theme for 2015 was Space.

Concordia university logo

Event: 3rd June 2015, Montreal


Dr Kass has been invited to conduct a session at Concordia Univesity’s Summer Research Institute 2015. The session will start with a talk open to the public, which will be followed by a more intimate interactive session with the students.

Website launch

We are proud to announce the launch of an upgraded version of our James R Kass Space Consulting website! This new website is based on Joomla 3.x, which is a highly sophisticated upgrade from the previous version used, Joomla 2.5. One of the major improvements is responsive design of the website, which provides visitors the opportunity of comfortable viewing on all devices, including smart phones and tablets.

The Human Mission

Event: 6th January 2015, Vaudreuil, Quebec


All classes were cancelled for the afternoon and pupils of 7th-11th grades in the small Quebec school near Montreal listened spell-bound to Dr Kass describing an exciting career in human spaceflight.

esa european space research and technology centre

Event: 24th June 2014, Noordwijk


Professor Dr Francesco Sacerdoti, CEO e‑voluzione srl, recently visited ESTEC where he met with representatives of several labs at ESA’s Directorate of Technical and Quality Management (TEC), and visited their space engineering labs after the meeting.


At the recent Industry Space Days event at ESTEC Dr Kass concluded an agreement with Dr Francesco Sacerdoti, CEO of e-voluzione srl, based in Naples, Italy, to be their exclusive agent for the European Space Agency.

health center

The Kosovo-based Health Center of Excellence (HCE), which is an interconnected collaborative centre of professional knowledge and skills, recently nominated Dr Kass as a member of its advisory team.

Dr Kass has accepted the appointment as Associate Consultant for F Moser Consultants (fmc12), a company comprising the diverse but related skills of a group of experienced professionals, providing services in the domains of communication, management, and information technology. He will serve the company in the role of Interface Manager between fmc12 and the European Space Agency (ESA).