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Event: 20th November 2019, Wuhan


‘Harnessing space infrastructure to enable marketable innovative applications’ was the title of the invited presentation Dr Kass recently delivered at the 5th CCAF – China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum) in Wuhan, China.

Dr Kass was personally invited by Professor Yang Yuguang (Space Engineering Development Co. Ltd, the 2nd Academy, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC), Vice-chair of IAF Space Transportation Committee), who organized the forum.

the Wuhan forum

The 5th CCAF was the 3rd international edition since 2017. While each one of the last three conferences covered a different gamut of disciplines, the purpose of the gatherings has remained consistent - offering industry, academia, and space agencies a platform to exchange ideas on commercial aerospace development and future perspectives. There were around 500 participants including some 80 foreigners, many coming from Russia, others from Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Japan, the UK, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, US, Serbia, Turkey, UAE, and France. The Forum was held at the renowned Eurasia Convention Hotel, in Wuhan.

The topic of this talk is prescient: We are currently witnessing an unprecedented increase in the number of satellites launched into orbit whose key goals are facilitating potential commercial services to billions of new and existing users. Notwithstanding, even today, space infrastructure is very much underused; and when used, the increased potential achieved by combining different space services, such as earth observation, navigation, communication, for B2B and B2C applications, is seldom capitalized.

The paper presented a practical model for facilitating start-ups and SMEs, with the help of space agencies and large companies, to develop cutting-edge potentially commercializable innovative applications that harness space infrastructure as a key part of their solutions. Examples of successful implementation of this model were drawn from the European Space Agency’s Business Applications program. As a member of the inter-directorate task force responsible for designing and setting up this program, Kass was able to provide first-hand examples of projects successfully initiated, as well as current and future domains of potential exploitation.

An excellent description of this Forum is found in the Go-Taikonauts journal.

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