Telemedicine Alliance

The Telemedicine Alliance consortium was formed under the auspices of the European Commission (EC DG-INFSO) as a strategic cooperation in eHealth and telemedicine. The TMA uniquely involved three prominent international agencies, the European Space Agency (ESA), the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and International Telecommunication Union (ITU); being the first time that these organizations jointly collaborated together as a team. Two key projects were successfully completed: Telemedicine 2010: Visions for a Personal Medical Network, and A Bridge towards Coordinated eHealth Implementation

In order to ensure that Europe’s citizens can benefit from their right to live, work and visit other European countries knowing that their health needs will be met safely and affordably, the eHealth elements of Member States’ national health systems must be interoperable. Currently, much remains to be done to achieve this interoperability. The TMA-Bridge project formulated a strategic plan on how to move forward towards successful eHealth for the citizen and by first building a basis of controlled implementation and interoperability.

The Telemedicine Alliance was formed in 2003 under the auspices of the European Commission (EC) within the 5th Framework Programme of the Information Society Technologies (IST). The overall goal of this consortium was to formulate an overlying policy for the application of eHealth in support of the European citizen, and to create a Vision for a personal healthcare network by the year 2010.