Mars Settlement - News and Events


Event: 10th December 2018, London


A workshop was held in London to discuss the challenges of human settlement on Mars, organized by Federico Caprotti of the University of Exeter. A dozen experts from Czechia, Netherlands, Canada, England, and USA, including Dr Kass, were invited to participate.

mars one

Event: 3rd June 2016


At this year’s Mars One biennial event attended by the project’s advisers, ambassadors, sponsors, investors, and other stakeholders, Dr Kass, adviser for Mars One, was invited to give a keynote speech. His theme was about how his professional career transmogrified from Nuclear Physics and Neurophysiology to Human Spaceflight.

mars one

Book Release: 23rd February 2016, Dallas, Texas


Mars One: Humanity's Next Great Adventure’ published by BenBella, explores the various human dimensions of Mars One’s planned expeditions to Mars. Kass, who is contributing author as well as editor of this exciting tome, is also an advisor to the Mars One project.

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Event: 29th April 2015, Leiden


At a recent Mars Meetup event held on 29-April, Dr Kass talked to the young Mars enthusiasts of the recently formed group about the special challenges facing astronauts in orbital weightlessness and long-duration separation from mother Earth.

long-duration isolation

Event: 29th April 2015, Leiden


The 3rd Mars Meetup event will host an old hand in the domain of human spaceflight, Dr Kass, who will speak on the subject of psychology of long-duration isolation. This subject is of especial concern and relevance with regard to potential human missions to Mars and eventual settlement of humans on the Red Planet.

The Human Mission

Event: 23rd November 2014


At 19:00 EST (10:00 PST) a live talk-show on human mission to Mars will take place, hosted by WatchHollywood. Participating as official guests are Dr Norbert Kraft (Chief Medical Officer) and Dr James Kass, human spaceflight expert and advisor for Mars One project.

Event: 23rd May 2014, Amsterdam

Mars One organized a private event in Amsterdam to share and discuss Mars One's accomplishments with advisers, ambassadors, sponsors, investors, and other stakeholders. Dr Kass, adviser for Mars One, was one of the speakers at the event.

Event: 1st March 2014, Winterthur, Switzerland

A group of worldwide Mars enthusiasts who applied to go to Mars with the Mars One project have organised a one-day event in Winterthur, Switzerland. Dr Kass, who is an advisor for the project, was amongst the key guests invited.

Event: 11th November 2012, London, England

Dr Kass was once again invited by University College London (UCL Centre for Space Medicine), to conduct a two-hour workshop on psychological issues & group dynamics in extreme environments, particularly in the domain of long-duration human spaceflight. This workshop is part of an optional course on Space Medicine and Extreme Environment Physiology.

With the closing of the first round of recruitment for settlers on Mars, Mars One has received over 200,000 registrations of interest from some 140 countries. Of course, once the analysis of these registrants commences, only a small number will enter the pool of serious applicants who have fulfilled all the requirements for this unique chance to become a member of the first team of humans to land on Mars.

After a successful opening of the Astronaut Selection Program, Mars One is now embarking on the second stage of finding the first humans to inhabit Mars -- setting up an independent selection committee. A call has been issued for the brightest minds with extensive experience in the field of human spaceflight to be part of the selection committee. They are looking for experts who possess the understanding of different cultures as well as many years of experience working with astronauts, extreme environments and isolated habitats.

Event: 3rd December 2012, London, England

Once a year, since the inception of the Space Medicine and Extreme Environment Physiology course, some 12 years ago at University College London (UCL), Dr Kass has delivered a two-hour workshop on Psychological Issues Encountered in Long-Duration Human Space Flight to students of the university.

Dr Kass recently accepted an appointment to join the board of advisers for the Mars One, which is a not-for-profit organisation whose plan is to take humanity to Mars in 2023, to establish the foundation of a permanent outpost. The Board of Advisers are made up of industry and scientific experts who bring real-world experience to Mars-One.