Possessing experience in a diverse range of areas pertaining to aerospace, human spaceflight, and micro-gravity, Dr. Kass has gathered over more than 25 years of expertise in these fields. These areas of expertise include: Astronaut training, crew procedures, operations, scientific research, design of HW, SW, MMI and HMI, flight and ground safety, simulations, neutral buoyancy, and parabolic flight. He has worked extensively with ESA and with national space agencies of USA (NASA, MSFC, JSC, KSC, DFRC), Germany (DLR), France (CNES, CNRS), Russia (IBMP, GCTC, RKA), Canada (CSA) and Japan (JAXA), as well as with space industry and academia, across Europe, North America and Russia.

Experiment operations by astronaut crew:
  • Crew experiment training
  • Crew procedures
  • Experiment operations manned by crew
  • Ground operations, procedures
Preparation and design of experiments
  • Design of H/W and S/W for space operations
  • Testing of H/W and S/W for space flight
  • Experiment requirements documentation
  • Flight and Ground Safety Data Packages
Real and simulated micro-gravity testing
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • Parabolic flight
  • Drop tower