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Event: 17th June 2021, Montreal,


Dr James Kass and Kara Johnston of CoachingOurselves will discuss how in every organization the quality of learning, advancement, and efficiency, depends very much on the sharing of Lessons Learned. This webinar will be in the form of an interview, followed by Q&A from the audience. 

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Event: 20th May 2021, Brussels


Dr Kass was invited to address the EC and its associated EU institutions at a lunch-time talk organized by the European School of Administration (EuSA) on the subject of lessons learned. 


Launch: 12th May 2021, Montreal,


CoachingOurselves has launched a new self-teaching module “Learning from mistakes and successes” authored by Dr Kass. This module challenges participants to investigate barriers for realizing and sharing Lessons Learned and integrating these lessons within an organization. 


Event: 17th December 2015, Montreal


Bombardier Aerospace division in Montreal invited Dr Kass to address their C-Series team on the experiences gathered along a career of over 30 years in the domain of human spaceflight. Dr Kass talked about his exciting career and lessons learned in this challenging domain.


Event: 18th June 2015, Brussels


The European Commission (DG-GROW) held a high-level conference on the subject of giving a Second Chance to honest failed entrepreneurs, which is one of the priorities of the European policy for SMEs and entrepreneurship. A session on Entrepreneurship Education was moderated by James Kass.

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Event: 5th July 2015, Toronto, Canada


Dr Kass was flown in to Agnico Eagle HQ in Toronto, Canada, for a meeting with CEO Sean Boyd and president Ammar al-Joundi, to discuss the potential introduction of a Lessons Learned system at Agnico Eagle. The meeting was organized by Agnico Eagle Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, Jean-Luk Pellerin, who also participated at the meeting.


Event: 1st June 2015, Brussels


As part of the European Commission’s Learning week, Dr Kass delivered a lecture on the subject of “Learning from mistakes”, followed by a workshop. The events were well attended – indeed, the presentation was oversubscribed!


Event: 1st June 2015, Brussels


The European Commission’s Learning and Development Unit (DG Human Resources and Security) has invited Dr Kass to make a presentation and conduct a workshop on the subject “Learning from mistakes”. This workshop is part of a Learning Week organized by this unit.

Event: 6th February 2014, Kiruna, Sweden

At the international Arctic Light e-Health Conference - ALEC a satellite event: “Engaged Community for Active and Healthy Ageing” will take place on 6-February. One of the three themes at this event will be Mutual Learning using Lessons Learned, which will be chaired by Dr James Kass (ENGAGED_Newsletter_N2_January 2014 Edition - PDF).

Event: 22nd March 2013, Noordwijk

An important domain of the activities of the International Program/Project Management Committee (IPMC) is the critical subject of sharing Lessons Learned (LL). If space organizations cannot or do not share lessons they learn, then the all-important means of continuous improvement and avoidance of past mistakes is greatly diminished. The IPMC has recognized the importance of sharing Lessons Learned and has now organised a second workshop on this theme to be held at ESTEC on 22nd March 2013.

Event: 26th September 2012, Noordwijk

On request by Mr Roger Jegou, head of ESA’s Standards & Engineering Knowledge Division, Dr Kass carried out debriefing sessions with staff of this division concerning the operation of the newly designed ESA Lessons Learned System (ELLS) (which he had earlier designed) as well as on the organisation of so-called Lessons Learned Events.

Event: 11th July 2012, Noordwijk

Mr Franco Ongaro, Director of the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) and Director of ESA’s Directorate of Technical & Quality Management, invited Dr Kass to present the ESA Lessons Learned System (ELLS) to him in order that he could assess how to move forward on this project.