Dr Kass has worked in the related domain of Telemedicine, and offers expertise especially where the domains of user needs, technologies, and knowledge management cross. He has particular expertise in the controversial domain of data privacy, where the patients’ needs for protection of personal privacy are often in conflict with the health providers’ requirements for efficient and useful services. He has gathered experience working with various international organisations: He was a founding member of the Telemedicine Alliance team, comprising ESA (European Space Agency), the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), WHO (World Health Organization - European Office for Integrated Health Care Services).He was also a member of the NATO/COMEDS Telemedicine Panel - TMED (subgroup of COMEDS: COmmittee of the chiefs of the military MEDical Services in NATO), and has been member or observer at various telemedicine standardization working groups.

He has also worked indirectly in the Telemedicine domain during numerous experiments and R&D demonstrations where physiological and vital parameters of astronaut crew were monitored and measured using innovative telemedical technologies during Space Shuttle and MIR human space missions.