Space Assets

Event: 14th February 2019, Amsterdam

Facilitated by the joint effort of this consultancy, F. Moser Consultants, and ESA’s Business Application Kickstart program, AWS will support Startups in Europe with a Startup AI challenge using space technologies.


In cooperation with the European Space Agency Business Application Kickstart program, AWS (Amazon Web Services) have launched a challenge for start-ups in Europe to build a working prototype of an AI and ML-based application that uses space data and/ or -technology.

During an 8-week program, selected start-ups will receive technical and business mentorship to prepare the application for the ESA Business Applications grants coming in May.

The aim of the program is for start-ups to build a working prototype using any of the related space technologies under ESA Business Applications Kickstart framework:

This AI Challenge was initiated by Dr Kass (this consultancy) and Mr Moser (F Moser Consultants), bringing together Mr Davide Coppola (ESA Business Applications Kickstart program), and Mr José Manuel Rodriguez (AWS Startup Business Development).

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