The projects listed below mainly comprise those initiated since the launch of this consultancy in 2010. Most of these projects are currently active. Previous projects, most of them closed, may be found under the rubric About the CEO, where brief references are included under various stages of the CEO’s experience, as well as under the rubric Publications

EC_Knowledge_ManagementThis consultancy was recruited by the European Commission to carry out a short high-level study on the subject of facilitating collaborative work and enhancing management and sharing of knowledge at the EC, and providing support with respect to their knowledge management tools infrastructure.

Lessons Learned System Logo Effective sharing of knowledge and corporate experience across an organization is key to the efficiency and efficacy of the organization. One key vehicle to facilitate this is sharing lessons learned, both positive and negative. In every organisation, whether industrial or governmental, the quality of learning, advancement, and efficiency, depends very much on sharing of lessons learned and archiving institutional memory in an easily accessible manner. Although it is too often forgotten, history still repeats itself, and much can be learned from past experience. Repeating mistakes or ignorance of useful experience can cost an organization dearly. The quality of sharing knowledge and experience amongst personnel is paramount towards an organization’s success and effective deployment of effort.

This project deploys a holistic approach to Lessons Learned, including a number of critical and related multi-faceted activities, such as motivational presentations, workshops, events, training, and setting up of appropriate tools to support lessons learned in an organization.

What is Lessons Learned?

Dr Kass has recently been appointed to join the board of advisors of Mars One, which is a not-for-profit organisation that will take humanity to Mars in 2025 to establish the foundation of a permanent outpost. Before the first crew lands, Mars One will have established a habitable, sustainable outpost designed to receive astronauts every two years.

To accomplish this unusual and pioneering endeavour, Mars One has developed a plan based entirely upon existing technologies, involving the integration of existing suppliers and experts in space exploration.

The Advisors are industry and scientific experts who bring real-world experience to Mars One. Their input and guidance are imperative to the short- and long-term success in establishing a settlement on Mars. Dr Kass will bring 30 years of rich experience in scientific, technical, operational, and psychological domains of human spaceflight to this pioneering project, whose realization could result in the historic first human settlement on another planet!

Enablance - Data Privacy Solution Data Privacy has become a very critical issue, affecting many aspects of personal life as well as industry and governments. Protecting effectively the privacy of personal related data is a major element for the unhindered development of electronic communication technologies and business, not to mention related issues of its impact on heightened security at borders and airports around the world.

This project addresses these critical issues and proposes potential solutions to a tangle of related activities all with a common underlying problem of sharing personal information while simultaneously satisfying the challenges of data privacy protection.

Joinspace is a collaborative platform run by ESA’s Education Office (EEO) for the purpose of facilitating the organization of student experiments in space. Students are informed of calls for proposals, can form teams and can work collaboratively to prepare and submit proposals for experiments. This platform also serves as an archive and administrative tool for the EEO to monitor and maintain this challenging part of the education programme.

The Telemedicine Alliance consortium was formed under the auspices of the European Commission (EC DG-INFSO) as a strategic cooperation in eHealth and telemedicine. The TMA uniquely involved three prominent international agencies, the European Space Agency (ESA), the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and International Telecommunication Union (ITU); being the first time that these organizations jointly collaborated together as a team. Two key projects were successfully completed: Telemedicine 2010: Visions for a Personal Medical Network, and A Bridge towards Coordinated eHealth Implementation