2011 – Enablance GmbH, Bremen, Germany

  • Founder & CEO (Multi-media; data-privacy; spaceflight operations, technology, & safety; alternative energy).

2010 – James R Kass Space Consulting, Netherlands

  • Multi-media, journalism, human spaceflight operations, technology, & safety.

1995 – 2002 Equipage GmbH, Munich, Germany;

  • Director, public relations, business development, R&D
  • Project leader: Telecommunications, Telemedicine, eHealth, Data Privacy
  • [1995-1998] Deputy-chairman, board of directors, Radio Nest, St. Petersburg, Russia (Radio broadcasting).
  • [1995-1999] Chairman, board of directors, BRIGA Ltd, Riga, Latvia (Radio & TV broadcasting)

1998 – 2000 Migrata Space Consulting GbR (Microgravity Technologies & Applications), Munich

  • Director & Head of Operations and Training; Telemedicine product development.
  • Design of the European Physiological Modules (Phase-A study).

1996 - 1998 PanKosmos GmbH, Munich, Germany

  • Head of Operations & Astronaut Training; work with telemedical monitoring of vital functions.
  • Parabolic flight tests, MIR station experiments and operations support
  • Responsible for Medex operational activities, crew procedures, training, Baseline Data Collection; vibration, emc and functional testing; ground support during MIR97 mission with Medex (Medical Experimentation Facility)
  • Study for ESA with regard to designing a multi-electrode EEG and EMG facility and a Brain Stimulation Facility.
  • Development of Healthcare ICT systems

1988 - 1996 OHB-System GmbH, Bremen, Germany

  • Performed studies and support tasks for the Columbus and Hermes Crew Offices of ESA
    • Hermes Operations and Hermes cockpit design working group.
    • Columbus Crew On-Board Tasks Study and Follow-on Studies.
    • Evaluation of Crew Work Station Test-bed (Advanced MMI Simulations).
    • Exemsi '92 60-day isolation Mission, Cologne: Head of Evaluation Team.
    • Astronaut Training Methods and Facilities Studies / Artificial Intelligence Techniques.
    • Russian Operational and Training Methods and Facilities (Studies).
    • Anthrolab-/ Automated Biolab Scientific Operations (Studies).
  • Parabolic Flight Organisation & Operations (Caravelle in Europe, and Ilyushin in Russia).