2006 – Present  Reviewer for scientific journals

  • Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (AMPH)
  • Journal of Scientific Research and Reports (JSRR)

1988 – Present  Research associated with various academic & research institutions in the domains of neuro-physiology (sensory perception), applied psychology, human spaceflight, the key institutions being:

Key topics of research:

  • Human missions to Mars
  • SFINCSS-99: Long Duration Simulation at IBMP, Moscow, Co-Investigator [1999-present].
  • Research on cultural issues in manned spaceflight; collaboration with the University of Texas in Austin [2000-2001].
  • Research Fellow at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Dept of Neurology (Univ. Hospital), Munich: Analysis of MIR-95 sensory perception experiments (orientation, subjective vertical) [1999-2000].
  • MIR'97: German Russian Manned Space Mission: Co-Investigator (physiology/ electromyography) [1996-97].
  • Capsuls '94 Mission, Toronto: Psychological Training Experiment – Investigator.
  • Research in Human Factors and methods of astronaut training for long duration flight.
  • Sensory perception experiments in Parabolic Flight [1991].

1980 – 1988 Research Fellow at the Physiological Institute, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz. Research in the domain of neuro-physiology (sensory perception); work on parabolic flight, under-sea, Shuttle, and terrestrial experimentation.

  • Research in neurophysiology, vestibular physiology and sensory perception.
  • Scientific experiments, simulations, astronaut training, with parabolic flights on NASA KC-135 & small aircraft.
  • Testing of equipment and facilities; regular, end-to-end, functional, and under extreme conditions.
  • Underwater human sensory physiology experimentation and micro-g simulation.
  • Scientific Project Manager for Space Sled Experimenter Team, Spacelab-1 Mission and the German D-1 Mission.
  • Planning and Running of crew-training activities, preparation of step procedures, for European Space-Sled Experimenter Team, Spacelab-1 and D-1 Missions.
  • Organisation and running of pre- and post-flight baseline data collection on the crew for the Sled Experiments for SL 1 and D-1 Spacelab/ Space Shuttle missions.
  • Management of experiment ground operations support and crew communications for Sled Experiments for SL-1/D-1

1980 Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz - Biomedical research.

1978 – 1980 Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry (Otto-Hahn Institute), Dept. of Nuclear Physics - Nuclear physics research with a van-de-Graaf accelerator.

1972 – 1978 University of Leeds, School of Physics & Astronomy - Experimental research on fundamental particles / cosmic ray air-showers, with a cloud-chamber. Search for the building blocks of matter.