AI World Summit Amsterdam 2018

Event: 11th October 2018, Amsterdam

The widely renowned annual AI summit was held in Amsterdam 10th-11th October, bringing together some 6000 people from across the world. Co-founder and organizer of the summit, Mike Reiner, requested an interview with Dr Kass at this summit.


Summit building

Summit building

Mike Reiner asked Kass a number of leading questions regarding the increasingly important role AI was playing in the world today and the prognosis for the future. Kass, who draws on several decades of experience working with and at the European Space Agency (ESA) explained how AI can be harnessed in business, industry, research, and generally across most activities that affect our technical development and, indeed many everyday activities we engage in on a daily basis.

Kass, using examples of big data gathered by ESA’s satellites, both scientific observation of the cosmos and observation of our mother earth, explained how AI was only at the very early stages of being used at all. He expanded on how it could usefully be harnessed to extract much more useful information across diverse domains, whether climate change, desertification, encroaching of salinity, flooding, and even geopolitical.