The following pages provide a listing of publications, reports, and studies authored, or co-authored by J R Kass. There are several fields or domains of work that are represented, which are:

  • Human Spaceflight & Microgravity,
  • Extreme Environments,
  • Human Physiology,
  • Integrated Applications & Services,
  • ICT & Healthcare,
  • Engineering Knowledge Management,
  • Nuclear Physics.

In each domain, the entries are flagged according to the type of publication, e.g.

Websites / portals / tools Mainly serving the internal and public needs of ESA (W)
Journals, Books Manuscripts published in refereed journals, chapters of books, or online (J)
Symposium Proceedings Published proceedings of symposia, congresses, and workshops (P)
Abstracts Published abstracts (paper presented, but no manuscript published) (A)
Agency docs Studies/ Reports produced for or on behalf of a space agency (ESA, sometimes, German Space Agency [DLR], or NASA) (D)
Invited lectures Invited presentations - e.g. keynote speaker or plenary sessions at symposia, workshops, trade fares; academic lectures (I)

The full list of publications may be downloaded herewith, or the reader may select the appropriate menu on the left to view a list of publications in a particular domain. In the near future, it will also be possible to download the actual manuscript or abstract thereof from these web pages (such downloadable documents will be added to the website in due course over time); it will then be necessary to register on this website in order to facilitate this capability.