Launch: 12th May 2021, Montreal,


CoachingOurselves has launched a new self-teaching module “Learning from mistakes and successes” authored by Dr Kass. This module challenges participants to investigate barriers for realizing and sharing Lessons Learned and integrating these lessons within an organization. 

This self-teaching module, as with all other such modules of the management workplace educational company CoachingOurselves, is optimally used for small groups, has a duration of 90 minutes, and requires no external trainer, thus practical and economical for application in any organization. 

As CoachingOurselves writes:  

“In every organization the quality of learning, advancement, and efficiency, depends very much on the sharing of Lessons Learned. 

We are pleased to announce our newest CoachingOurselves module, “Learning from Mistakes and Successes”, written by Dr James Kass. Dr Kass’ career has spanned research in human spaceflight to knowledge management with the European Commission. James brings this unique blend of expertise to our latest offering. 

This module challenges you to investigate some of the personal barriers to realizing and sharing lessons learned, and then presents some organizational approaches to successfully integrate these lessons. You can look at which aspects of your culture need attention and what sources of lessons learned you should draw on. If your situation calls for it, take some time to begin developing a process or discuss problematic privacy issues. 

‘Learning from Mistakes and Successes’ is not just the domain of project managers but is for every employee in an organization. If individuals can be supported in overcoming a sense of vulnerability around sharing mistakes and their competitiveness around sharing successes, all employees can increase their personal effectiveness and contribute to the overall positive legacy of the organization.” 

This module challenges to explore: 

  • the impact of personal and organizational Lessons Learned and not learned; 
  • the key barriers hindering the sharing of learnings; 
  • promoting a process and culture of Lessons Learned in your unit/organization. 

An interview with the author, organized by CoachingOurselves, is planned for 17th June 2021. Registration is free.

CoachingOurselves is dedicated to peer-coaching for leadership development and organizational change. The peer-coaching learning approach is a derivative of the Masters of Management programs developed by Professor Henry Mintzberg, OC OQ FRSC, Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University, Montreal.  

CoachingOurselves Modules are currently successfully used in more than 30 different countries and 8 languages by more than 20 000 managers every year.  

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