Event: 17th June 2021, Montreal,


Dr James Kass and Kara Johnston of CoachingOurselves will discuss how in every organization the quality of learning, advancement, and efficiency, depends very much on the sharing of Lessons Learned. This webinar will be in the form of an interview, followed by Q&A from the audience. 


CoachingOurselves recently launched a new self-teaching module “Learning from mistakes and successes” authored by Dr Kass. This self-teaching module challenges participants to investigate barriers for realizing and sharing Lessons Learned and integrating these lessons within an organization. 

Kass will be asked many searching questions, about what inspired him to investigate the domain of Lessons Learned, why the importance of it? Is it worth investing effort into it for an organization? Would history have turned out differently if more heed had been paid to learning from the past? How to learn the right lessons and not the wrong ones? The criticality of asking the right questions and demanding the right answers, and, most important, that one is learning from truth and not falsehood or a one-sided or skewed story. 

Dr Kass has been active in the domain of Lessons Learned since setting up a Lessons Learned System at the European Space Agency, carrying out training (e.g., Kass was invited to carry out a workshop at the European Commission) and giving talks in this domain. Most recently he was invited to give an EC online talk "Lessons Learned in Covid Times" 

Tune in and participate in this challenging and informative event on 17th June 2021, Montreal EDT 11:00 AM, AMS CEST 17:00. 

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