Event: 22nd March 2013, Noordwijk

An important domain of the activities of the International Program/Project Management Committee (IPMC) is the critical subject of sharing Lessons Learned (LL). If space organizations cannot or do not share lessons they learn, then the all-important means of continuous improvement and avoidance of past mistakes is greatly diminished. The IPMC has recognized the importance of sharing Lessons Learned and has now organised a second workshop on this theme to be held at ESTEC on 22nd March 2013.

During the first event, experts from key Space Agencies (NASA, CNES, JAXA, DLR and ESA) and Industry (Astrium), shared their best practices related to the role of Lessons Learned in different phases of programs or projects. The second workshop seeks to progress towards fostering the sharing of Lessons Learned across the member Space Agencies. Dr Kass is advising and helping the IPMC organize the content of this challenging event.