Entire 8 video episodes:

live talk show organized by Watch Hollywood took place on 23rd November 2014, at which Dr Kraft, chief medical officer of the Mars One project and Dr James Kass. were interviewed about this project. Kraft and Kass first met each other at the Russian Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow during the preparatory activities for the then longest isolation simulation of human spaceflight, the SFINCSS-99 project. Some 12 subjects were shut up in an isolation complex for varying periods, the longest being 211 days. After Dr Kraft was appointed chief medical office for the Mars One project, he invited Dr Kass to offer expertise with crew training for this very long duration Mars mission.

Because the chronology of the episodes as posted on you-tube is not very consistent, the episodes are embedded below in the correct order for your convenience.

Episode 01: Dr Norbert Kraft introduces Mars One

Episode 02: A question for the ages - Why Now?

Episode 03: Fitness for Mars

Episode 04: Introducing Dr James Kass

In this clip, we meet Dr James Kass of Kass-Space Consulting. Dr Kass is an adviser to the Mars-One Corporation. His experience and background with space missions, has made him a valuable asset and a "go to guy" for advise on how to achieve successful off Earth Missions.

Episode 05: Meeting of the Minds - Kraft & Kass

In this clip, Dr. Kraft and Dr. Kass share how the two met and how they came together to work on this mission. Dr. Kass shares his experiences working on other space missions. They tell us how their relationship with the Mars-One Mission was sparked! And give insight on projects they've already worked to help them understand how candidates may respond to their training for Mars.

Episode 06: Mars Training

In this clip, Dr Kass explains the training and evaluation process for preparing Marstronauts for life on Mars

Episode 07: Finally – “Growing the Mars Society!” - Dr Kass & Dr Kraft

Episode 08: And Why . . . Mars?