mars one

Book Release: 23rd February 2016, Dallas, Texas


Mars One: Humanity's Next Great Adventure’ published by BenBella, explores the various human dimensions of Mars One’s planned expeditions to Mars. Kass, who is contributing author as well as editor of this exciting tome, is also an advisor to the Mars One project.

An array of interesting authors have contributed towards this book, including Prof Dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft, Nobel-Prize winning theoretical physicist, Dr Mason Peck, Prof Thais Russomano, and Jamie Guined, MEd, MBA. Although this book is associated with the Mars One project, it is about the general human aspects of sending the first humans to settle on Mars, whichever project or team succeeds in this exciting endeavour. In fact, most of the challenges addressed would apply quite well for those planning to live only for a limited period on Mars – after which they would return to mother Earth.

A number of challenging questions are addressed in this compendium, such as:

  • What essential training and skills will the Mars One astronauts need to develop to survive on Mars?
  • What combination of genders and ages make for the most effective four-person crew? How do individual cultural backgrounds factor in?
  • Will settlers be able to communicate with Earth?
  • What can the Mars One mission learn from past periods of human exploration?
  • What are the complexities of a group of four, and ultimately hundreds, operating with complete independence from human societies on Earth?
  • What are the psychological ramifications of knowing your actions are being watched by millions of people? What does Mars One hope watching the process will mean for viewers at home?