Lessons Learned System LogoAnother important pillar of our holistic approach is spreading awareness of these lessons, their importance, and the value of sharing them. This method was successfully tested out at ESA, where monthly events were organized, at which experienced personnel presented what they learned in the course of their projects. These events were well advertised in advance using multiple communications avenues, such as announcement on the Agency website, email to personnel, and broadcasting on all displays across the Agency. The auditorium was equipped with streaming facilities to permit live broadcasting across to other Agency sites across the world.

Lessons Learned event at ESA

Although, at first, there were misgivings about broadcasting mistakes or sharing secrets of success, it turned out that presenters became keen on bringing awareness of their activities and hard work, and sharing how they overcame difficult challenges. The presenters were coached to ensure their presentation could be understood by all personnel – even those of very different disciplines - and to include story-telling to illustrate learnings.

The events were audio-visually recorded and placed on an archive accessible on the Lessons Learned website to those who could not attend. In addition to their educational and knowledge-sharing value, these events also served to advertise the Lessons Learned system and demonstrate the value of sharing knowledge and experience. Moreover, the actual exercise of preparing the presentations served to accomplish the first tasks towards posting them into the LL repository.