/Vasily Tsibliyev

Credit: www.spacefacts.de

Vasily Vasilyevich Tsibliyev (Василий Василиевич Циблиев), Russian pilot cosmonaut. Tsibliyev flew as Commander on Soyuz TM-17 (1993-1994) and on Soyuz TM-25 (1997), both missions over six months long, spending a total of 381 cumulative days in space. He flew the latter mission with fellow Russian cosmonaut Alexandr Lazutkin and German astronaut Reinhold Ewald, joining NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger, who was already aboard the MIR station.

Dr Kass lead a team who trained the crew to operate this complex facility; a key part of the training was carried out in Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center (GCTC) at Star City near Moscow in preparation for this mission. Tsibliyev is currently Chief of the GCTC.

The MIR EO-23 flight segment suffered a major setback when a fire broke out. Later on, after Jerry Linenger was exchanged with British-American astronaut Michael Foale, still under Tsibliyev command, the station, MIR EO-24 flight segment suffered another setback when Progress M-34 cargo vehicle collided with it. A physiological facility the Modular Physiological Laboratory, MEDEX, was flown on this mission, and whose testing was a key scientific and technical operation for the German-Russian collaborative effort on this mission.