working group logoThis inter-directorate working group, of which Dr Kass was a founding member, set out for itself an ambitious multi-dimensional set of goals:

  1. Establish a Corporate Knowledge Management reference frame for the directorates in support of their own knowledge management efforts;
  2. Generate an ESA-wide Policy and Standard Practices for KM;
  3. Develop an awareness campaign to stimulate and harmonize KM practices across ESA and help making knowledge flow ‘from those who know to those who need to know';
  4. Train ESA staff in KM skills and tools to acquire new competencies and increase the understanding and appreciation of knowledge sharing;
  5. Implement actions to foster ‘knowledge retention’ as an effort to reduce the ‘brain drain’ effect due to retiring staff.

In the framework of the WG’s activities, a study towards an ESA knowledge management strategy was carried out, and a workshop on knowledge management was organized at ESTEC.