companies logoSince May 2014 Dr Kass has been Expert Agent for Xignum Sp. z o.o.’s main product, Xignum Aerospace - Project, Process and Data Management Solution (Xignum Aero). In particular James R Kass Space Consulting is exclusive representative for Xignum vis-à-vis the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Initially created for an aerospace company, Ampyx Power (based in The Hague), Xignum Aero was designed to meet the high demands of product lifecycle management in the aerospace sector. The concept involves custom configuration to suit the project/ user’s needs.

The solution supports process-based system engineering and configuration management throughout the product lifecycle. It helps with the management of product structure, requirements and verification, documentation, inventory, actions, lists, review item discrepancies (RIDs), non-conformance reports (NCRs), and many other configuration and management data and workflows during the phases of design, production, integration, verification, operations and maintenance. As it is modularly built and customized to suit specific needs, it can meet almost any management activities of a team, from simple day-to-day work to complex projects. Moreover, the system can serve as a hub to connect existing data-bases whose contents have not been migrated to Xignum.