James R Kass Space Consulting offers expert consulting in various space-related domains, as well as various more generic support services. The CEO and founder, Dr. James Kass, has more than 30 years experience in a broad assortment of domains and can thus offer multi-disciplinary system advice especially where a customer’s needs are best satisfied across disciplines, requiring a broad system approach to solving problems and creating appropriate solutions.

News and Events

Because the archive of material in the photo gallery is potentially relatively quite large, the items are collated thematically across different domains of work.

 Human Spaceflight & Micro-gravity

During a long career in the domain of human spaceflight spanning more than two decades a depository of photos has been collected dating back to the first Spacelab One and Spacelab D1 missions in the 1980s, the MIR97 mission, and more recently the STS-107 Shuttle mission. A selection of these photos is being scanned collated and uploaded to this website.


Extreme Environments

Human spaceflight is an extreme environment that has spawned much preparatory work on the ground, such as isolation simulations whose primary goal is to study psychological and psychosocial behaviour under confined and long-duration isolation. This work spanned various isolation simulations including SFINCSS-99, EXEMSI-92 and CAPSULS-94.


ICT & Healthcare

Taking care of astronauts’ medical well-being has long been a challenging domain of concern, requiring implementation of novel technological solutions to allow the early practise Telemedicine in human spaceflight. This led to related work in the domain of ICT and healthcare carried out in collaboration with the WHO and the ITU, under the auspices of the EC, in the framework of the Telemedicine Alliance.