James R Kass Space Consulting offers expert consulting in various space-related domains, as well as various more generic support services. The CEO and founder, Dr. James Kass, has more than 30 years experience in a broad assortment of domains and can thus offer multi-disciplinary system advice especially where a customer’s needs are best satisfied across disciplines, requiring a broad system approach to solving problems and creating appropriate solutions.

News and Events

The company provides a number of support services that can be enhanced by its multidisciplinary experience and associated network of experts. These specialists have gathered their skills working in the areas of technology, IT technology, science, finance and media. At this point we are able to uniquely combine these backgrounds to provide what could be best described as down-to-earth solutions.

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Information technology
  • Presentation
  • Representation

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In the domain of communication the following services are offered by the company and associated experts:

  • Internal and external company information management.
  • Consulting in the field of media and publicity.
  • Support to and management of publicity campaigns.
  • Classical and digital content preparation

In the long course of Dr Kass’s career he has often officiated at international events, chaired symposia and conference sessions, and organised and lead international events and workshops. As an experienced and seasoned speaker, he has frequently been invited to speak at plenary sessions and as keynote speaker. He has also participated in panel discussions and round-table debates at conferences, as well as engaged in interviews with the press and questions and answer programmes on live radio on various topics across his broad area of expertise.

In the domain of management the following services are offered by the company and associated experts:

  • Technical and managerial document preparation
  • Preparation and writing of procedures and processes.
  • Preparation and writing of unsolicited proposals and responses to calls for proposals and invitations to tender (ITTs)
  • Interim management of IT and technical projects.
  • Standardization and accreditation trajectories support.
  • Technical and information technological decision support.


In the domain of information technology the following services are offered by the company and associated experts:

  • Content formatting and production.
  • Web systems for collaboration and information.
  • Hosting of internet and non-internet facing systems and applications.
  • Hardware procurement and general on-site hardware support.
  • Network support.
  • Consulting in IT services planning and procurement.

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Dr Kass is particularly suited to represent companies especially vis-à-vis the European Space Agency (ESA), with whom he has worked with and at for more than 30 years. He possesses many contacts and knows intimately the working and business culture at the Agency. He already represents several companies at the Agency, successfully organizing demonstrations of their products and services, and negotiating contractual agreements.